The start of a list

A neighbour ended 2014 with a list of 91 bird species seen on their land.

On our day visit yesterday our land was visited, among others things, by:

  • A goldcrest jithering round in a small conifer directly outside the house
  • A buzzard quartering low over the vegetable patch wondering if the mice had moved out with the previous owners and dreaming of guinea pigs
  • Two hen pheasants strutting through our wood
  • Either one robin with the skill of popping up within a few feet of every location I was active, or a team working together.

2 thoughts on “The start of a list

  1. Croeso i Gymru!
    Congratulations on a new beginning and every blessing on your future ventures!
    I am so looking forward to keeping up with your blog and hearing about the things that you see and experience as you get to know your new home.


  2. Glad to see your enjoying yourself and settling into your new lift. It must be agreeing with you as you already look 10 years younger. (Phew close call on the Aubergines) I’m sure you find a solution to your edible dilemma.
    Looks like snow shoes and huskies may be on agenda if weather forecast is right, will be looking to you for forecast in future as you have your own weather station which will obviously be more accurate than the BBC (if we know you as we do)
    Chris says that axe is one of the best gadgets he has ever seen and we had to go to link to see how it worked, and he wants one even though doesn’t have any logs to cut, going to display it on wall as a gadget piece of art.


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