The real day one


Yesterday the space outside the house was totally filled with two massive lorries and a large white van.  Now all that remains are wheel ruts and a few discarded chips.  Today we have not seen another person.


Molly and Dahlia – our experience so far.

Jan 15 – Rudely snatched from our house, stuffed in a crate and buried in the back of a truck for five hours. Released into a cold bare greenhouse where we had to roost on a potting rack.

Jan 16 – Showed our disdain  by standing in the corner of the greenhouse all morning.  Seemed to work as in the afternoon we were transferred here.

Jan 17 – Not too impressed as they didn’t put any cover on our run and when we woke up the ground was all white.  Staged in indoor sit-down strike in protest.  Have heard them talk about opening the door of this run tomorrow but probably won’t bother going out.


The bottom field seems well drained.