The bare necessities

Moving out of the city one very quickly realises that the basic necessities of life, previously taken for granted, have to be actively sought out and provisioned in advance – running out at a critical time could have life-threatening consequences.

So it was with some anxiety we realised last night, with heavy snow forecast and our escape route becoming more and more icy, that we were down to our last aubergine:



A quick check with local provenders deepened our despair –  the nearest branch of our troubled national retail giant did not list them (or indeed any vegetable beginning with a) on their website.  Our network of like minded contacts reported that as they were not growable here (a problem to be addressed later) they were not part of the local currency.

So up at dawn today to start foraging.  After travails and tribulations we tracked down our quarry:


So tonight all is again well with the necessities of life flowing nicely:


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