Nothing like a new home


“First we were stuffed in the back of a van for hours and hours – we couldn’t even see out of the window. Then we had to sleep in a greenhouse – ok, windows to look out of but absolutely no privacy.  We then moved indoors, which was better, but still stuck in our cage – we really began to doubt all those promises of a better life.  Then our cage was moved to a shed shared with toilet rolls and boxes of soap – as if we were some kind of commodity to be shelved in storage. But things looked up a bit today:


A bit improvised, still sharing a shed with household stores, but we do like the cardboard insulation and we have a new tube that can go round corners.”

Yours squeakily

Anna, May and Flo



Snowdrop arrived – Snow drop coming



3 thoughts on “Nothing like a new home

  1. I’m amazed you can keep up with your blog, there must be so much to do. Just wait until the weather improves and you can get going outside. We too have snowdrops out, and dwarf cyclamen and irises.


    1. We’ve been up to 8 degrees today but that was 4.00 pm. Ground so saturated though that I’m skidding about just going to feed the hens.


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