These boxes contain the first residents for the thing that was built out of the other boxes the other day:


We drove for 45 minutes over winding deserted roads through a landscape that is new to us.  This photo, taken hastily on a phone, does not do justice to the clouds below the mountain:


They took some catching and securing in their boxes


They are feisty creatures who have been used to ranging completely free and roosting in trees so not sure how they will take to their new home where they need to be confined for a while to become accustomed to their surroundings


Welcome Cuckoo Marans Flora and Marge


2 thoughts on “Unboxing

  1. I thought your hen news would interest a friend here who is a crofter (originally from Chesterfield!) and poultry enthusiast, so I sent her the link to your blog. She loves it and has added it to her ‘favourites’.


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