Joining things up

On the 19th August 2014 we set off on a camping holiday at Acorns small holding. We were so enraptured by what Phil and Roz had done to four acres of farmland in five years that we decided there and then to change our life.

So what a delight when we Phil and Roz arrived today to visit us on our new patch.  If we can half match their enthusiasm, energy and vision we will work wondrous deeds in this place.  You can see Roz’s thoughts here.

One thought on “Joining things up

  1. Hi Steve and Beth, all our energy continues to be used here as spring speeds onto summer…. No time for blogging etc……. Hence it has taken 3 months to comment on this post!!
    We are honoured to be your inspiration for moving to this amazing location , after reading your blog we can feed off your energy and humour and be inspired too. We are itching to find the time to pay you another visit and see your place now spring is in full swing!!
    Roz and Phil


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