The 10 day week

We are considering instigating a ten day week.

One advantage of being here is that we have greater control of our own rhythms – we are not being bombarded with cues from the outside world telling us it is time to DO things.

So, you know all those things which you feel you have to do each week?  What if you had ten days within which to do them, rather than seven?

After writing the above, I thought I better check out who else has had this idea.  I see a ten day week was used by the Chinese from around 2000 BC – why do the Chinese have to do everything first?   It was also used in Ancient Egypt and, of course, Revolutionary France.  So I think we are in good company.

Rainbows and tit swarms

In the last few days the ever changing giant cinerama screen which is our Northerly prospect has revealed a new ingredient, rainbows:


Because the vista is so wide and deep they can pop up in various places at different times,

The bird feeders have been attracting large groups of Blue tits, Great tits, Chaffinches, Goldfinches and Siskins.  At one point there were more than ten chaffinches on the ground pecking at the feeder droppings.  A regular swarm of  more than thirty Blue tits zoom in and out, happy to come and feed even if one stands close by.  Here they play the Blue tit equivalent of how many people can we get into a phone box: