Urban refugees

As well as evacuating from the city four human beings, one dog, two hens and three guinea-pigs we also liberated a quantity of plants.  However I am not sure they see it that way as they were unceremoniously dumped in various spots round the site and basically ignored for the last month.

Today we rounded them up, sorted them out, and promised them a better future.

The herbs we kept near the house door:


Then there were the trees (plus a few larger ones that we took to possible permanent locations):


Some soft fruit:


Some shrubs and bushes:


A few bulbs:


and a random collection of miscellaneous:


We promised them all that they would be properly planted within the next week or so.

Meanwhile this gentleman (and his lady friend) spent a lot of time strutting around the bird feeders (a poor picture taken through the window):


and seen in the kitchen:


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