Rural Utilities

Living in the city there were certain things which arrived and departed through hidden pipes and wires.  Here things are a lot more visible – which is thought provoking.

Energy arrives either in great big orange cylinders – which arrive full but then have no means of saying how much is used until they are empty – or like this:


Burning wood might sound romantic and, more importantly, cheap – roaming through the wilderness gathering nature’s bounty – but arriving in the middle of winter with limited laid-up resources that is not the case. Buying seasoned wood ready for burning does not appear to be cheap.  We need to start laying up green wood for next winter (although two year’s seasoning seems to be recommended) but that is another story.  We are wondering if burning wood is more expensive than burning LPG – we are attempting to monitor the situation.

The cities underground pipes are here laid bare:


an occasional event, with one end of the pipe leading here:


and the other here:


What lies down here:


is a bit of a mystery but the thought that is provoked is that there must be a better way than relying on a visit from a tanker that has to take something away.

(The job sheet said up to 1000 gallons.  Did he take 1000 gallons?  Who knows.  He did say that when he arrived at a job he could tell be looking at the people what he would find down there and he knew our contribution would be free from hazardous additions.)

So we have got a copy of this:


and are looking forward to building something like this:

Meanwhile, the main excitement today has been Molly and Dahlia meeting Flora and Marge:


Which seemed to go off without too much aggression.

Plus this!


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