Local Currency

I was told that moving into this rural setting a lot of buying and selling was done through exchange rather than the use of cash.  This wasn’t suggested by the garage today when they fitted new discs and pads to the vehicle, nor indeed by the farmer when I picked up some hay and straw. However, listening to this gave me hope:

I thought I could not lose: either I could turn aubergines into currency, or use them in local barter, or just eat a lot of them.  Now we know these vegetables don’t really belong on a 900 foot high hail swept Welsh hillside, being originally from India, but they did manage on a Sheffield allotment:


They were purchased as seedlings but here everything has to be done from first principles of course.


They will require a delicate cosy compost covering:


And surrounding air at 25 degrees:


But with 45 pots at seven seeds to the pot:


We should be rich, one way or the other.

Meanwhile, this gentleman has taken up residence under the bird feeders:


But one of his lady friends had a bit of a mishap last night:


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