Lots of Weather

As February comes to end we have weather data for a complete calendar month for the first time:


Some things are obviously not right – we have had lots of sunshine but don’t have a solar sensor.  Also I think temperature maximums are boosted by direct sunshine, something I can prevent when there is time to resite the sensor. The snow stats have to be entered manually, which I have not been doing

The mean minimum has been above freezing, not bad for February at 900′ Twelve days have been completely dry.

Here is the temperature graph for the month:


and here are some daily stats:


Some things we have learned about the weather without needing numbers are:

  • We seem to get more weather in a day here – showers seem to move over more quickly.
  • It is often surprisingly calm for this altitude
  • It has never been too uncomfortable to be doing things outside!


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