Three in a box

Off early this morning to a monthly sale organised by these people and came back with a box


which sat quietly in the car until we got home and opened it


They had already received names on the way home, on the principle that we can’t spend too long thinking up fancy names as the number of living things in our care increases, so let me introduce:

April and May – Silver Laced Wyandotts
and June – Gold Laced Orpington.

They weren’t too sure about their new home


but a bit of a cuddle gave them encouragement


Outside and Flora was quickly on watch


Encouraged to come out of the box and it was immediately clear that June was top hen out of these three


Flora continued on watch and there was soon a face off through the netting between her and June


Hopefully they can agree on their pecking order through the fence so after a few days they can mingle without too much bloodshed.

They are three very beautiful hens. Apparently The Gold Laced Orpington is comparatively rare, they have only been in the uk for about 7-8 years being brought in from Belgium and Germany. Research says they have lovely laid-back personalities and can make excellent pets but I am not sure if June has read that particular reference.