The first mouse of spring

The local weather forecast for today showed constant heavy cloud cover punctuated by the words FOG and MIST.  I think that must have been for lower levels because here today looked like this:


and this:


only the longer shadows indicated the true time of year


Starting work to make a hotbed in the polytunnel seemed a bit unnecessary – the thermometer was showing over 30 degrees.

The warmth brought normally hidden creatures out into the open


We had learned from our predecessors that the biggest threat to seedlings here is mice.  They had designed a cunning suspension system in the polytunnel to place seed trays in midair – but I have noticed mice traps on these boards – trapeze artists?  We have many types of traps and they do their business in the dark of the night but it is harder to be so brutal when confronted by the living breathing creature


This wood mouse had stowed itself into one of the animal feed bins and we knew that releasing it at the bottom of the field would just be regarded as a homing challenge – but that is what we did.

Meanwhile, primrose bank


and crocus corner


bask in the sun.