On realising we don’t live in a National Park and the library that can find you anything.

Look at this:


If you love Ordnance Survey maps like I do those green dotted lines will give you a warm glow.  What do they promise? “Public footpath” finger posts, yellow acorns lovingly screwed to fence posts, a variety of stiles – some maybe with special dog routes.  The knowledge that you can with confidence plan a little route that wends through the countryside:


Did that today.  Went out.  This happened:


No fingerposts, no acorns and definitely no stiles in the stock fences.  On enquiry we were told that was the route the postman used to take – but he has a van now.

On the other hand, the farmers either side of us have said we should feel free to walk wherever we want on their land.  Need to reset perception of countryside looking at where people actually go rather than where they once went.

Meanwhile, the quest for fresh horse dung takes us to the library, where else, where an enquiry is left. It is only a matter of hours before we receive a phone call with a useful contact. Call that number and they are on to it, following a couple of leads for us.  Hang on tender aubergine seedlings.