Horse manure and orange cake

I have found that sending out requests for horse manure is an excellent way to make new contacts.  I now have met half a dozen people in the locality that otherwise I might have been oblivious to for years.


Meanwhile on the home front this rural setting seems to have increased the amount of home baking:


This being a traditional (Australian) recipe which can be found here,

and sourcing of local delicacies:


These activities today were disrupted by a cross-border foray to meet a Notary Public at a garden centre coffee shop who, for an arm and a leg, eased the process of gaining a permanent Ecuadorian visa for distant son. Apparently they are appointed by the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Sometimes people enthuse about Spring suddenly bursting forth but I rather like the ultra slow motion effect currently happening here.  Each morning it is almost as if a magnifying glass is needed to perceive the minute daily changes – another whisker of willow blossom here, another micromillimetre more of blackthorn flower bud there – and the daffodils are doing a shy striptease, showing the faintest slit of yellow, bowing their heads ever so slightly.  I like the slow life.