Things are hotting up here

Outside it is quite mild today, seven or eight degrees, with a beautiful misty sunshine and perfectly still air.  However 12 inches into the polytunnel hotbed the temperature is…


45.8 degrees

and 21.1 degrees on top of the bed.  The Book says wait until the internal temperature has leveled out before putting seedlings on top.  It does also mention the possibility of using a bed like this to heat water and I can now believe that.

Elsewhere, things are heating up to…


37.4 degrees

Which will be the perfect temperature for what arrived in the post this morning



Six  French Copper Maran (black blue splash) and six Australorp (to be joined tomorrow by six Speckled Sussex)

Meanwhile, some very patient Sheffield trees were eventually getting their feet into Welsh soil:


(Notice how it takes three wheelbarrows to plant one tree)

Here a couple of twisted willows find their place:



and we start thickening out some of the boundary hedges with additional hawthorn: