A day of light and shade

These last few days have been so glorious, the sun is getting slightly higher and lasting slightly longer, the high pressure has kept the air still while mist conceals and then reveals the layers of hillside.

And then first thing today the sunlight takes on a curious quality as the sun is eclipsed


The living things don’t show signs of disorientation, the hens continue foraging as normal.  The resident tawny owl is more put out by being stalked by us.  Yesterday it flew out of a conifer at face height disturbed by a noisy barrow so today we creep round to locate it and stare up the conifer trunk to be met by two eyes staring down. Nearby we noticed this box, put up by our predecessors, for the first time


Rather large.  Is this for owls? The hole has been well pecked, maybe by the woodpecker who we saw with his mate for the first time today.

The balmy weather brought out Flo, Anna and May for their first grass nibbling session


and the fritillaries in the orchard


and something more exotic in the greenhouse


We have been planting more trees and have now found homes for all those that came from Sheffield.  We have started mapping the trees


10 done – we reckon about another 200-300 to do


Yesterday, the hotbed thermometer showed 66 degrees C
This morning, the thermometer had blown
Tomorrow, we are cooking our breakfast on the horse dung