One can never have too many sheds

We have extricated our last chattels from the big city, most significantly a shed:


Which might have to start its new life as a chick rearing house when our incubating eggs hatch.  It needs a level patch and the best option is here:


a spot presently occupied by compost heaps.  Fortunately the last  incoming load also included some pallets


which together with left over packing boxes as insulation start to form a new composting range


Now having more fresh horse manure than we know what to do with (had to acquire a trailer to ferry it in from all the helpful neighbours)


using it to leaven the compost.

The freezer shed now mainly contains dead things as the guinea pigs have moved out


Strange that their first morning outside is also the first time there have been four buzzards mewing and wheeling low over the house area


The profile of trees and shrubs subtly alters as stems and branches show tight balls of energy


2 thoughts on “One can never have too many sheds

  1. Lovely to have buzzards; we have a pair nesting just across the next field each year and raising young. Now the one-up-man-ship: we had a golden eagle circling over the garden yesterday! A rarity and very exciting.

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