Smallholding for beginners

Spent an inspiring day today at Humble By Nature:

“Humble by Nature’s home is a working farm just outside Monmouth in the Wye Valley in South Wales. For at least four generations it was owned by the local council and tenanted to young farming families who had no farm of their own. In 2010, when the last tenant retired and handed in his notice, the council decided to sell the farm, broken up into lots.

Kate Humble and husband Ludo Graham were looking for more land for their smallholding animals when they heard about the farm being sold. They felt it was too important an asset to the area, to farming and to the community to allow it to be sold in that way. They persuaded the council to allow them to take it on, keep it tenanted and run a business that in turn would support other rural businesses. The farm is now home to Tim and Sarah Stephens, who breed Welsh Mountain sheep and Hereford cattle.”

I was there for a day course on smallholding for beginners led by by

see her pigs here.

Next step: get a CPH number

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