And then there were ten

Today, for the first time in nine and a half weeks in this country, we experienced what I think of as real Welsh rain – sheets sweeping across in violent gusts and bursts.  Then I realised what it was, as the local caravan parks prepare for the first visitors of the year the weather is also practicing the face it likes to show to tourists.

As it was the last Sunday of the month, we were returning home with a box


this time containing three hybrids


Meet Wattle and Daub, a pair of Rhode Rocks – a Rhode Island Red/Barred Plymmouth Rock cross that are said to be good foragers that are happy to be outside in all weathers and

Bluebell the Bluebelle – a Rhode Island Red/Copper Blue Maran cross with pink brown eggs.

They were soon having their welcoming cuddles


before being sent outside to prove their adaptability and hardiness in the horizontal rain.

One thought on “And then there were ten

  1. I think you’re going to be eating a lot of eggs!! Made a moussaka last night with ‘graffiti’ aubergine. White with purple lines on it. Thought of you and when you’ll be eating yours.


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