Lots of Weather

Although the weather has been wet and windy for the last few days the actual experience has not seemed as unpleasant as the impression given by the forecasts. This was the forecast for today:


but working outside was not unpleasant and it wasn’t actually raining ALL the time.

Now that March has closed we can look at the weather data for the whole month.  I think of March as being a bitter month but it has not felt like that and the figures support that:


Only three days with air frosts and eleven days with no rain – five of them in a continuous dry spell.  As one would expect, the prevailing wind is from the SW and it is clear how a few days of Easterlies lowered the temperature around the middle of the month.

Here are the averages and extremes (The snow and solar statistics are absent as we don’t have instruments to measure them)


The hens have not been too keen on the recent wind and rain.  The Gang of Seven has taken to huddling together in the lee of a fallen conifer (although they do have a perfectly good shelter to use).  Newcomers Wattle and Daub and Bluebell would quite like to go back to the nice cosy shed where they grew up


Here are a few random pictures taken round the site today.