The story so far

Once in a far away time in a far away place Molly had a best friend called Millie.(They had once had a mutual friend, Mandy, but she had departed).  Also in the house was Dahlia (who had been friends with Delilah, who had to go and live with the builder after being a Bad Hen, and Dorcus). Dahlia was shunned by Molly and Millie as an incomer and had to be the scapehen.  Then one day  Millie died and Molly decided to be friends with Dahlia as she had no one else to talk to.

One fine winters day Molly and Dahlia emigrated to Wales thinking they would live together in Gentle Retirement.


So they were a little taken aback by the arrival of Flora and Marge.


These natives were a bit wild, having been used to roosting in trees and being adventurous


and Dahlia and Flora had several Nasty Moments while they sorted out superiority. However after a little time they decided it would by fun to form a Gang of Four and all be adventurous together.


They were a little non-plussed therefore by the arrival of April, May and June.


To be honest, June was only friends with April and May because she had spent a couple of hours confined with them in a cardboard box.  May, in particular, was the subject of her disdain – she thought she was nice, but dim. She would prefer to be a Hen that Walked by Herself


and she got fed up of being dominated by Flora but with the arrival of Wattle and Daub and their mate Bluebell, who were so obviously Young and Immature


she took her mates and formed a Gang of Seven with the other incumbents


so they could all laugh together at the newcomers trying to learn to do a dustbath


Little did they all know that not far away lay the gestation of a Speckled Sussex Cockerel who would lick them all into shape.