A new visitor

A brown flick through the kitchen window at breakfast was assumed to be the wren that hops around on the bank gathering spiders and insects from the nooks and crannies.  But a difference in movement drew closer attention:


a closer look:


This was one fast weasel. It was poking its head out of a hole in the wall one moment and then seconds later rising meercat-like from behind vegetation several metres away.  It continued to show itself for ten or fifteen minutes – had it always been around, had it arrived on this patch to stay, or was it just passing through? And was it after the hens’ eggs?

The usual action on the bird feeders today was accentuated by a larger contingent of siskins – they will continue feeding when approached after other species flee, and a record number of redpolls.


As the wind rose towards the end of the afternoon Ewe number 145 brought her two-day old twins into the shelter of our boundary.