April is the coolest month (until May arrives)

Yesterday the hens were cowering in the lee of this fallen conifer but today they have moved round 90 degrees to bask in the sun


Down at the farm they are about halfway through the lambing of 700ish ewes


Most of them see to themselves out in the fields.  A twice daily round brings in any requiring a bit of assistance.  Yesterday a ewe was not dilating sufficiently and went off to the vet for a cesarean; today she is fine.  The heavy rains of a few days back took a couple of lambs as they followed their mother crossing the brook to the feeder. Down in the shed are the ones needing a bit of extra care


Watched over by Bachgen Mawr


I am not sure if the farmer knows each of his ewes by name – numbers seem to be the order of the day. I do know each aubergine seeding by name as they nestle on the hotbed


As the evening light lengthens


a siskin and a redpoll feed hungrily to stock up overnight energy


and the tawny owl sits tight to the conifer trunk


before dipping away and crossing the field pursued by a cloud of little birds.