A Tale of Two Ewes

[by guest editor EFC] It all started with a protruding sac of anmiotic fluid… …and then it was time to push! These two soon-to-be-first-time-mums went down within seconds of one another. Number One makes its entrance into the world… … and is tenderly de-bagged. On your feet! Carefully does it… and it’s up! Out slips Number Two! This newborn completely distracted the second ewe from her own labour… …and she quickly took a dangerous liking to these new lambs so has to be taken up to the farm before she ran into difficulties with her own delivery… She had a helping hand from the farmer… .and they finally made their entrance! Having been licking the lambs of the first ewe she needed some persuasion to recognise these as her own… ..but all turned out well! Back in the top field the older lambs are having their evening feed… …pretending to eat grass… …being photogenic… and falling asleep on their feet!