Don’t put all your eggs in one basket

So, these are the eggs we had:

  • 6  x Large Black Australorp
  • 6 x Speckled Sussex
  • 6 x French Copper Maran

and we put them all in the incubator thinking it would be easy to keep track of what was what.

This is what we got:


10 live chicks from the eighteen eggs.  But who is who?

The Copper Marans were very dark eggs so one would expect dark chicks? Five of these hatched but we only have four dark chicks:


What is more, these two:


are different from these two:


So one of these:


came out of a dark egg.  But if one did, why not more than one because looking at pictures online of Black Australorp chicks they look just like this:


or maybe this:


BUT, only one Black Australorp egg hatched.

Checking back on the details from the Maran breeder he says the eggs were the product of two Copper Blue Maran cockerels and a flock of Copper Black, Blue and Splash  hens.  Now research shows that Splash Maran chicks are pale, like these two:


At least these four:


all look the same as each other and different from everyone else and match the hatching count for the Speckled Sussex.

So if these two:


came from the Maran eggs, then this group of four:


comprises three Marans and one Australorp, inspite of all looking the same.

There must be a moral in there somewhere.