Nesting time

The plot is full of all kinds of natural nesting sites to suit all kinds of species, but hang up a few nesting boxes and they are quickly taken advantage of.  Does it make life easier?  Certainly a lot of to-ing and fro-ing still takes place to bring in all the nesting material.

We put up this robin box a while ago and then intended to move it as we realised it would receive rain water direct from the shed roof above.  We did not get round to that and today noticed it been taken over by a wren who had filled it to the brim with his nest complete with enticing little hole near the top:


We have now installed a little shelf above the box to deflect the rain.  The male wren builds a number of nests and then shows off outside each of them to entice a female to move in.

This robin box, the one in the generator housing, is occupied by a robin.  Two eggs have appeared over a period of quite a few days – is this normal or are they not taking the job seriously?


There are a couple of old nests, in the wisteria at the front of the house – but no sign of activity so far this year.


The Gribin Isaf Wood Official Tit Box Project is proving very popular, with Tits:

Box 1 has a well developed Great Tit nest:


Box 2 was empty when repositioned two days ago and now looks like this:


And the two Blue Tits that took over Box 5 within minutes of it going up two days ago have produced this:


And now for Chick Picture Of The Day.  Today’s Chick Picture shows chicks expanding their diet with a garlic supplement:


And there definitely is a hedgehog outside the door: