Bread and doses

Today, and for the next six days, the hens are dosed with Flubenvet worming powder.  This is not easy.  The powder is mixed with the layers pellets but the problem is that normally those pellets are a small amount of their intake, only eaten when all chances of titbits, tasties and general foraging are exhausted. So the birds have to be deprived of all these extras for a week to encourage them to eat enough pellets to be purged.  They will not be happy.  Also we moved their run into a fresh area and scrubbed out all their accommodation to reduce the chance of reinfection.

We are not really isolated from supplies here.  If we wanted to we could drive and get food every day – but who would want to use time and fuel in that way?  The one thing we find runs out first is good fresh bread so today we started a way to put that right – make our own:


When the chicks hatched we made a circle of cardboard as their brooding area. This was very soon modified to include a perspex panel so we could actually see the chicks. What we didn’t realise was that it would have a much more important purpose – to enable them to look out.  They take a great interest in all that goes on outside their window.  Today’s Chick Picture Of The Day is taken from above while they line up to glimpse that latest happenings in the big world:


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