The Catcher of the Fly

An inspiring visit today to Bwyd Bendigedig Fferm Ffrwythau “a totally Gift Economy moneyless shared community resource for the farm community, local community, and wider community. The aim is to have all the basics of life’s needs – land, warmth and shelter, water and food, totally free gratis; a shared resource for a sharing economy.”  Our mission was to be gifted some willow:


which we brought home to be integrated into our shelter belt, which is a bit thin at the lower levels


Giving things away seems to be the way to go round here.  We mentioned trying to stock up on green wood to season for the future and our farmer gave us this:


We are giving water from our bore hole to the sheep in the two next door fields as they have no natural source.  It is helping the lambs get a bit chunkier.


The most exciting thing today was this:


A pair of pied flycatchers which had no sooner arrived hot-winged from Africa than they were prospecting Gribin Isaf Wood Official Nest Box No 4.


New arrivals on the plot include willow warbler, swallow and house martin and the first cuckoo has been heard down at the farm.

The lone wagtail has found a mate


The chicks have about doubled in size and needed a new home:


Larger with more space away from the warmed brooder.  The thing is, this evening they were more concerned about being near the window – where they could watch goings on – than to be warm.  Consequently they huddled by the perspex making cold noises until the brooder was moved so they could observe and be warm at the same time.

Which brings us to today’s Chick Picture Of The Day. Today’s Chick Picture Of The Day is a still life featuring fruit and a chick


So, as the sun goes down behind the old Ash Tree, all is well at Gribin Isaf tonight