Escape artists

The hens have been escaping…

As part of their anti-worming experience the hens have been moved to a new, smaller patch and – more significantly – been put on a non-treat diet.  We knew they would not be happy.  They are not.  Today they planned and executed a mass breakout.

Marge was probably the ringleader:


Wattle skulked in the rockery trying to look as if escaping was something she did every day:


and June chose chives as her diet supplement:


They were herded back in and promptly re-escaped, demonstrating the Persistence of Poultry.

The lambs are escaping

Feeling they are babies no longer, the lambs are ganging up in the corner of the field and plotting escape from their boring mothers:


The chicks are escaping

Another set of juveniles pushing the boundaries, the chicks are practising take-off runs on top of the brooder:


At least the courgettes are not yet big enough to run out of their beds (although we know that will happen):


Meanwhile the pied flycatchers are canoodling in the ash and tempting each other with nesting material:


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