Doing it with the rain and the sun

Since so much of our growing things takes place under glass or plastic,


where the natural rainfall cannot reach, the growing things are dependent on us for their water.  This could be arduous for us and worrying for the plants so the aim is to use rain water and get it to the plants with the minimum of activity by us and the minimum anxiety by the plants.

So, the plan is slowly starting. We have started putting guttering on the outbuildings to collect rain water:


and started to channel the collected water to store:


then the overflow water is channeled off:


and fed down the plot (this pipe will be under the grass once it shows it works):


bringing the rain water to inside this polytunnel:


The next step will be to get it from this tank on to the plants with minimum human intervention.  This will provide energy:


to power something I hope to find in this box:


and then eventually the whole process will be controlled by this:


Meanwhile, we are doing proper gardening out of doors:


One thought on “Doing it with the rain and the sun

  1. Wow! All this is so impressive. We are really enjoying these wonderful photographs? A truly beautiful account of your new lifestyle!💛👒💛


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