To Grow or not To Grow

Strange in between times.  So little rain over the last couple of weeks with a lot of clear sky sun radiating through the chilled air.  Last night enough frost to ice the sheep trough and the forecast for tonight shows heavy snow in the early hours.

The swallows (or at least a swallow) have arrived and was this morning disturbed inspecting the nest place installed in the shed:


I think it was wondering if it should deign to accept a partially ready-built nest.

[Late edit – been to inspect The Sheds and the swallow is roosting in this place tonight]

Some things can’t help but to grow and grow:


as wing feathers appear, perching is practiced, in the safety of indoor protection.

Also protected, in the polytunnel, lettuce and aubergine think it is safe to grow:


egged on by kiwi:


and fig:


slowly the technology is coming together to keep these cosseted individuals supplied with water:


all we need is rain, heavy rain, not frost and sleet showers.

The grass is growing, which must be an indicator of rising temperatures.  The lambs are growing fat on it:


as are the guinea pigs:


who have to have their run moved every couple of days as they chew the grass down to the roots.

We have even had to mow the grass in the orchard, and rake up the cuttings:


Some things that have been growing too much are the mice in the house.  They are beautiful pale-bellied wood-mice – not the grey house mouse of the city – but we still can’t have them doing their midnight munching through our eaves storage.  The night traps yield a steady supply which did go to the compost but now trying a Jain like offering platform for the Sky Foragers:


Meanwhile the Pierus thinks it might well grow in the evening sunlight: