One thing leads to another

We have only got these last hatchlings because the last lot were several short of a set.  When we mentioned this to the sender they sent us more and then we had to get some others to keep them company.  So today they move on via chickens in a basket


to the latest version of the brooder house


Which, although you can’t see it here, has rounder corners, choice of perch height and variable suspended feed and water dispensers.  Plus of course observation portal – for them.

Talking of one thing leading to another.  We have a regular thing going now with a neighbour where we park up our trailer in their shed for a couple of weeks while they fill it up with their stable clearings.  Now when we collected it today they wondered if we could think of a use for their Herdwick fleeces. We are planning our woodland compost toilet, which we want to be warm and welcoming all the year round – does anyone know what has to be done to raw fleeces to turn then into thermal insulation?