At last May has decided to sort itself out

The dry April passed on its showers to May who felt obliged to use them.  Maybe that quota is now fulfilled as the sun comes through the still chilly air.  The trees are responding; I don’t recall a landscape dominated by young oaks, along the hedgelines, sometimes in mid-field isolation but all shining with a penetrating yellow determination


Our visiting arboretumist said this one was a red oak


It is in the middle of the hen field and they are not very interested in it as it does not provide shade, shelter, food or dustbath opportunities.

The younger generations are getting restless.  As some kind of rooftop protest the pullets have taken to the top of their house


from where, as always, they are plotting their escape route.

The Young ‘Uns are also restive in their cosy indoor brooder.  Much prefering to come out for a mealworm dance on the dining table