Not the weather for flying


New wind records have been set here this evening.  The pigeon in the freezer shed lives in Northern Ireland – we now know why it decided not to fly home. Blue Tits don’t seem so sensible – the first of the brood has just decided to fledge late this evening.  After a rather wet and blustery landing and start to life it was collected and placed carefully in a close by tight conifer where little rain penetrates. It seems to have stayed there, so fingers crossed.

Before the winds really got going we concluded a satisfying long weekend with welcome visitors putting together the basic ingredients of the establishment


The main feature of which is the view


which when there has a bit of pruning will stretch to the mountains.

The wheelie bin was a bit hazardous


but was eventually in place


The welcome visitors brought an exciting present – a motion activated wildlife camera.  We gave it a test run last night and discovered the hedgehogs continue to trundle round the feeding bowls until the early hours


when the crows and magpies take over


They never visit this area during the day but are happy to polish off anything the hedgehogs have left


The hen pheasant makes an early morning appearance – earlier in the year they were around during the day – I wonder where they have their families?