Blowing in the wind

After 36 hours of strong winds


things are due to change about now


This has not been good weather for the birds who are at the stage of continually feeding young in the nest or newly fledged.

Robins go about it in a business like manner; Blackbirds with a lot of fuss; the ubiquitous chaffinches just take their young to under the feeders


and the Woodpecker comes and crams his beak with peanuts to take back to the brood


Last night’s fledgling was not a Blue Tit, but a Siskin, who did not make it through the wet windy night


In the past the field on the plot opened up on to one belonging to the farmer.  Before we arrived he fenced the boundary in case we wanted to be separate. Today we removed that and hung a gate to create a more porous edge