A cuckoo in the nest?

The cuckoo she’s a pretty bird
She sings as she flies
She brings us glad tidings
And tells us no lies

Most of this is contestable possibly.  The bird is pretty, or at least attractive, partly because a close up sighting is unusual for us. This evening she dallied in the sycamore giving us a fine view.  Does she sing as she flies?  I don’t know, but earlier today she was making sounds that were not immediately identifiable – only when trying to track down the new sound was she spotted… but not only she, also a he.  Checking out our plot.  Moral conundrum: do we, or do we not, want a cuckoo chick in one of our willow warbler, chiffchaff or dunnock nests?  I think that is the wrong question, or more accurately to question is wrong.  We observe and are enriched.

Meanwhile the flycatcher box is emitting non-stop hungry twittering and both parents are on full time fly-catching duty.  How many flies does it take to fill an empty chick?


This evening the pigeon owner from Northern Ireland calls about his lost bird


He seems impressed by the care he has received and a joint appraisal of tomorrow’s weather results in a decision that he will now be able to find his way home.  We do have to take him five miles away before releasing him otherwise he will return here as somewhere preferable to his original home.

The compost toilet is almost ready for inauguration


We await delivery of straw bales for the pee side of the technology.

Most of our growing is highly experimental this year.  We have realised we are generating far more salad than we (or the guinea pigs) can consume


but I am sure we will be able to use all the tomatoes that happen


not to mention strawberries


After filling up all available spaces up the plot, installing a gate in the field has opened up new opportunities for stockpiling horse manure


AND – today might have been the first day of spring/summer/warm weather – who knows?