Back down to earth

getting behind with the basics this week so time to come back down to earth


We have nurtured scores of Aubergine seedlings, the best have been potted up with generous compost helpings.  Some were given away, the rest were not really needed. But as living things, watched since germination, we could not condemn them.


It is up to them now.

The same is true of tomatoes. The lucky ones have big pots in the greenhouse


the others will be given a chance to go it alone in an outside bed.

Twenty years ago our plot was a field.  Our predecessors started their wood planting with Eucalyptus – fast growing to lead the pack. Now we enjoy their glittering heights


and the very different leaves that sprout from the base


A recent visiting arboretumist was excited to see these trees as all others in the county had succumbed to the big frost a couple of years ago.

Today we had eggs for breakfast and eggs for lunch


Following the departure of the sheep, our bottom field is erupting



One thought on “Back down to earth

  1. Hi Stephen, I could use some advice on how to grow aubergines. I tried once before but they were a complete failure. I am trying again this year but they are quite late getting started. A hot bed next year could be the answer.


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