Rotating your chickens

Up until a few hours ago the forecast was showing 24 hours of heavy rain from this evening.  Tomorrow now looks like this


which is not fair at all because the outdoor beds were not watered tonight on the promise of this rain

This table shows the rain so far this month


which pretty much amounts to – you had it all on the 1st, what more do you want?

Anyway, today was chicken rotation day which, as part of the worm reduction policy, involved moving both the layers and the Young’uns to new patches.

This meant abandoning lovingly carved out dustbaths


and exploring pastures new


For the first time this morning one of the Young’uns issued a proto-crow.  He was so excited by the experience he started chasing female Young’uns in an aggressive way.  We popped him in with the layers for a little while and being eyeballed by Molly and rounded up in a pincer movement by Wattle and Daub soon damped down his machismo.

We will shortly by revealing – to us and to you – the gender of the  Young’uns – if you haven’t made your predictions please look here and do it now.

Elsewhere on the plot today


and for Roz – some of your gifts in a new home


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