Moving house (and quiz results announced)

Young things do grow up so quickly, outgrowing their accommodation.

Today the Young ‘Uns moved up to some big bird accommodation


The Youngest Ones Of All moved up to the house vacated by the Young ‘Uns


And the Guineas moved into the ex-Youngest Ones run


You will remember that when the Young ‘Uns were the Youngest we asked for your help in deciding gender


Well, I think we are now pretty sure what is what:

Number 1 now looks like this

Named Fanny, with beautiful feathered legs, s/he is growing up into a beautiful Blue Maran beta-cockerel with a wonderful temperament (so far). He is leading the morning crowing by a long squawk.  He is staying here.
42% of respondents correctly identified Fanny as male.

Number 2 now looks like this

A female Blue Maran who will stay here.
57% correctly identified her as female.

Number 3 now looks like this

Another female Blue Maran who should stay as part of the flock.
She must have had a feminine youthfulness as 71% of people correctly identified her as female.

Number 4 now looks like this

Out of four Speckled Sussex hatchlings three were male – and this is one of them.  We did hatch Speckled Sussex looking for a cockerel as they are said to be friendly – but we are a bit spoilt for choice.
72% got this right.

Number 5

The second of the Sussex trio of cocks.  We want to keep one, a neighbour wants one, and the other is for the pot.  Who will it be?
This might be the most male as 85% of people predicted that.

Number 6

The only female Speckled Sussex, who is obviously staying with us as everybody (100%) said she was female.

Number 7

This is Shelia – the most imprinted/friendly bird in the bunch – plus the only Australorp. The problem is, we are not sure yet of Shelia’s gender – we hope and do think her to be female (and 71% of you agree with us) but she is staying whatever her choice.

Number 8

This is currently the number 2 cockerel of the group – he is developing gorgeous plumage – could be a George – but he does need a new home.
Only 28% of you identified him as male.

And lastly, number 9

The third Speckled Sussex cockerel. Actually we have a candidate for this position amongst the Youngest Ones so all three of these could be going… somewhere.
85% identified him correctly.

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