Incoming ducks – Outgoing cockerels

We have some hatching duck eggs coming in the post – Saxony and Cayuga.  We were going to get the incubator ready but June seems to be broody – seems like a time saver for us and a pleasant experience for her – as long as we don’t get species identity problems. Unfortunately we can’t keep all the Chickens that we have brought up from eggs – and I am talking about males here.  Today Speckled Sussex Number 1 moved down the road 2015_07_15_01 He was obviously very happy as he fell asleep in his new owner’s arms. Gorgeous George 2015_07_14_08 is moving on tomorrow.  Would anyone else like a young cockerel? After last night’s rain, an accompaniment to a dinner containing our two favourite ingredients (one of them free from the butcher) 2015_07_15_50 today brings sun and agricultural activity 2015_07_15_02 The Separated Lambs are so satiated on the new grass that all they can do is lie down 2015_07_15_15 We find a second (unexplained?) dead young magpie in the same place as the first.  We offer them up on the Tower of Silence but the all predators seems to regard them as toxic 2015_07_15_08 Elsewhere on the plot today… Spot the rabbit (worryingly, they are getting a lot easier to spot round here) 2015_07_10 2015_07_15_03 2015_07_15_04 2015_07_15_05 2015_07_15_06 2015_07_15_072015_07_15_09 2015_07_15_10 2015_07_15_11 2015_07_15_13 2015_07_15_16 2015_07_15_18