Ducks to water

At five days old the ducklings are getting a bit bored with life


Time for a first swimming lesson.  If ducklings are with their mother she waterproofs them from the start but without a mother it takes them several weeks to develop the glands required to do the job themselves.  For that reason early swimming lessons have to be well supervised to prevent Over Wetness resulting in Extreme Chill.  The recommended apparatus is a paint roller tray which provides a gently sloping beach leading to a safe swimming zone.  However the ducklings did not know this


They examined it warily from all angles


before deciding it was more fun to go off and eat grass, seen for the first time


Eventually one of them got the hang of it


while the others watched.  Then everyone decided to have a go


Later, back at home, they had fun exploring new food and water dispensers


Meanwhile the spare room was occupied today by this visitor


who must have come in through a window last night.  We would be interested if you could tell is what species this is.