Which are more clever: hens or ducks?

We are new to ducks (well we have not kept them for nearly thirty years) and are in danger of being taken in by their modus operandi.  Hens look you in the eye, operate independently and generally let you know what they think.

Ducks keep their heads down, move as a group and secretly whisper to each other.  We think they have a masterplan.  Today they took over the dog’s foot bath


Did we say that the new polytunnel came complete with mature raspberry canes, which are fruiting lusciously at the moment


If you think that the pictures here can be a little bit repetitive, look at this


and consider:
(1) What more could one want more than to see this every day
(2) If you look closely, the sheep are in slightly different positions to last time

Pethan eraill yn y tyddyn heddiw:


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