Warm moon, warm pigs

After the dip into frost a few days ago November seems to have resumed its mild(ish) wet(ter) course.

As the full moon rises over Gribin Isaf tonight


the outside temperature is over eight degrees and the forecast for the foreseeable future mainly looks like this


It surely will get colder and we are discovering that pigs get through a lot of straw.  We give them a nice new bale and they spend a long time fashioning it into a draught proof, body hugging bed – then they eat it… or push it outside, leaving bare boards and a pathetic look.

So a further delivery today


The ducks have appointed themselves gate-keepers whose job is to inspect all goods inwards.

Having completed the hen run walls work continues to net the top to deter opportunistic daytime foxes and maybe hungry pheasants


Shelia keeps a watchful eye on proceedings



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