Bert is very happy this Christmas



came to this holding in August as a gift from the dear friends who inspired us to this life.

He came with his consort, Spot.


Before they came to us they  had happy times together and had produced two happy litters of happy piglets (we have one in our freezer right now).

But Bert had a hidden past.  Bert was his cover name – his true identity was Peartreefarm Dominator 37 and he has a family tree to prove it:


Now the people who keep records like that are the Keepers of The Herd Book and are Very Strict.  The Blood Lines have to be pure; the identities have to be verified.  Since Bert had been operating off the radar in recent times, he had been declared homeless and also DEAD:


To bring him back to life and satisfy the Keepers of The Herd Book seemed very hard – the notches cut in his ears soon after birth


are not visible any more.  So he was told by a leading expert: “the crucial factor is what is in your ear. As we have the boar details as NOTCH 37 then clearly 37 should be shown by 3 positions in your ear having been notched. If these are not there then the trail immediately stops and you are just a pig and not a pedigree one.”

Bert was not that bothered – he was happy to have his eye on Spot



And then today The Keeper Of The Herd Book sent Bert this communication:

“You can be put back into the herd book. Your notches may have out grown, you will always remain a registered boar.  You will be able to be used for breeding purposes. Hope this brightens your day and have a Happy Christmas.”

So although he loves Spot very much


He wonders if he might also be able to have babies like these


So to celebrate this he would like to share with you his Christmas card

Stephen and Beth Christms Card

and wish you a New Year full of happiness and piglets