Living recursively

One of the reasons we moved from the city to this plot was to narrow our horizons. Not literally


But instead of scraping the surface of more and more places we want to dig deep into the layers of one place.

Part of this is looking at the same things again and again, closer and closer…



One thought on “Living recursively

  1. I enjoy your pictures and your comments it would seem that we are travelling a similar contemplative path. Did you see Country File tonight.A small herd of Berkshire pigs with new born piglets all jet black. When the light is in the right position I can see that the beech buds are swelling. I am glad you feel easier about Muriel’s care it has been a rough road for you both. Yes I got to church on my private double-decker bus and had a specially good time of worship. I am pleased to say that health wise I am practically back to normal but I have no plans to pull up any more gooseberry bushes. I have a comfortably full diary this week with two people coming to see me who have recently lost their husbands. Also there is the visit to Paul and Tuesday morning at Whirlow. I had a good session with Eileen yesterday and. feel more settled I now need to continue in the same direction. Tim called in yesterday and I had a long conversation with Heather this evening Since the pains have almost gone I no longer dread going to bed that is thinking of the morning. Love to you M.


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