Blood on the Road

Gribin Isaf is on a minor single track unclassified road. To get here you have to leave a B road and, in a space of half a kilometre, stop your vehicle to open and close two gates. This road also takes you through the middle of an active farm yard before reaching us.

If you were on this journey would you be proceeding with caution, or speeding round blind bends as the driver of a (as yet) unnamed well known major distribution company was doing today


So this morning there were six ducks and now there are three


and a feather in the road


We have to to raise our eyes and see new life in the sheep about to lamb


and, of course, Spot and her contents


as she watches


her new house move to completion


So we end a misty day misty eyed



6 thoughts on “Blood on the Road

  1. Oh we are really sorry, we really feel for you today. We have been very sad when a fox takes a chicken, but that is nature’s way. For you to lose three of your family in this way is unbelievably wretched. So not fair. Sending our love, Roz and Philx

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  2. Oh Stephen and Beth was so sorry to hear this its so sad and awful . I would not have kept you had I known. After all your care and attention this is barbaric and I hope you bring the culprit to book for this . Thinking of you xx


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