Mobile homes and inexperienced mothers

This morning the local garage came to take our car to be looked at. Meanwhile they left their car here.

Shortly afterwards we had a visit from someone else and within minutes a blackbird was transporting mud and twigs to start building a nest on one of the tyres [tyre-nest number 1]

Within an hour the visitors left. The blackbird turned its attention to the garage car [tyre-nest number 2]


Our car was retuned and the mechanic took his away (without nest)

We went out, leaving our car at home, and returned to find tyre-nest number 3 on our car


Spot just lies there


knowing someone else is doing the hard work for her


Today she is pleased to see the addition of a modesty curtain and the beginning of decoration in the colour she asked for – “my favouite paint is mud coloured – dark rich mud”

Pethan eraill yn y tyddyn heddiw:


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