Staking a claim

Our little plot has enough space for several robins who, unusually for small birds, maintain their territories throughout the winter.

There is the pig robin who comes out at feeding time, sits on the pig fence and darts in as soon as a pig back is turned. This robin also covers the meadow and quickly comes to join the scything (yes, still at it) to inspect the fresh earth scraped of its vegetation.

Then there is the shed robin, who includes the horse manure pile in its range. Quick to come and inspect any activity around the vegetable beds.

And the house robin, guardian of the birdfeeders and also having the duty of perching pictorially outside the windows when visitors are here.

Each has to maintain his boundaries. Here is the house robin doing that today:

Making a loud noise to let rivals know he is here

Listening to see if there is any response

“Are you sure you heard me?”

“Are you really sure?”

“Listen, I will try again”

and so on,

Until the moon rises

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