Border disputes

Our breakfasting is always monitored by birdlife. Today it is the turn of the treecreeper to keep an eye on us through the window.

Robins are unusual in that they defend a territory through the winter. As the breeding season gets closer, border disputes become more strident

The RSBP reckons that the average breeding territory is half a hectare which means our plot would accommodate three pairs. We currently have a few more individuals than that – maybe due to the rich feeding opportunities provided by vegetable bed digging?

The robins don’t include the tunnel in their territory but the wren creeps in and out at will. Inside we think the hotbed internal temperature might have peaked at a shade over 50 degrees.
The surface was at 22 degrees today when ambient temperature was around seven.

The other tunnel was put up last spring and had to accommodate a potted tomato forest at short notice. Now we have the chance to clear it and work on some real interior design